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Hi, my name is Banke, your guide to integrating AI in business. With a passion for data and technology, I help businesses flourish in the digital landscape.
Decision Intelligence: Drive strategic growth with advanced data analytics and insightful decision-making.
Web and App Development: Elevate your digital presence with custom, AI-enhanced websites and applications.
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Welcome to my world of tech innovation, where AI meets practicality. I'm Banke and my mission is to help companies make informed, data-driven decisions and create dynamic digital platforms that resonate with their audience.From a background in tech and banking, I ventured into the realm of AI and data analytics, driven by a passion to see businesses thrive in the digital era. Over the years, I've developed a keen expertise in decision intelligence and AI-enabled web and app development, helping businesses unlock new potentials.My approach is simple yet effective: understand the unique challenges of your business and address them using AI and data solutions. Whether it's gathering insightful data for strategic decision-making or developing AI-powered digital platforms, I focus on delivering solutions that are not just innovative but also add tangible value to your business.Click below to find out more about my services and how we can work together.


Decision Intelligence
Make smarter decisions with improved data gathering and analytics:
- Insightful Data Gathering: Build systems for comprehensive and accurate data collection.
- Advanced Data Analytics: Analyse data efficiently to inform strategic business decisions.
Web and App Development
Create impactful digital platforms integrated with AI.
- AI-Enabled Websites: Develop dynamic, AI-integrated websites for an enhanced user experience.
- Smart Mobile Applications: Build mobile apps with AI functionalities to meet your specific business needs.
Transform your business with AI and data solutions. Contact Me to explore how we can drive your business towards innovative success.

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