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Hey there, I'm Banke... Do you want to streamline your business for maximum efficiency? Build a fulfilling portfolio career on your own terms? Or finally turn your side project into a profitable business?I can help you achieve that. My mix of C-level strategy and hands-on experience equips me to work with you to create a plan tailored to your unique needs. Ready? Let's get started!Go to About page to learn more about me and services provided.

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Tired of one-size-fits-all advice? My blend of strategic thinking (backed by my MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship) and real-world business experience (like running my own men's lifestyle business for 3 years) gives me a unique perspective to create a plan tailored to you.Whether you're tackling startup challenges, seeking portfolio career guidance, or building a thriving side business, let's ditch the cookie-cutter solutions and get you moving forward.Click here to find out more about services provided.


Portfolio Career Coaching: Design a career that leverages your passions and skills for maximum fulfilment.
Business Strategy & Consulting: Systems, processes, and growth strategies for sustained results.
Websites: Build a professional, SEO-optimised online presence quickly and affordably.


Your Path to a Portfolio Career Starts Here – Get the Personalised Support to Reach Your Goals
Designing a fulfilling portfolio career takes vision AND the right support. My 3 month coaching program provides step-by-step guidance, customised strategies, and ongoing accountability to turn your ideas into a reality.
My intensive coaching program provides personalised support, essential tools, and a supportive community to help you achieve your career goals with greater ease and success.A glimpse of what's possible through my coaching program:
Pillar 1: Your Why – From feeling lost or uninspired to energised and aligned with your true purpose.
Pillar 2: Mindset – From self-doubt and limiting beliefs to unwavering confidence and a resilient mindset.
Pillar 3: Planning – From feeling overwhelmed to possessing a strategic plan, clarity of direction, and the tools to enhance your skills.
Pillar 4: Implementation – From procrastination and fear to consistent action, overcoming any obstacle on your journey to success.
Special Launch Offer:
- Save $200 on the $2,000 program fee when you sign up by 30th April.
- Only 5 spots available to ensure personalised attention and maximum results.
- Next program starts 1st of June 2024.
Invest in a career that fuels your passions and allows you to live life to the fullest.


Unlock Your Business Potential: Strategic Consulting for Focused Results
I partner with businesses to achieve clarity, focus, and sustainable growth. My process includes:
Essence Discovery: Define the core of your business (mission, values, unique offerings).
Strategic Alignment Audit: Assess how your operations and messaging align with your essence.
Essence-Driven Goals: Craft meaningful goals that resonate with your business's purpose.
Actionable Roadmap: Develop a step-by-step plan to achieve your goals.
Discovery Consultations: Dive deep into your business, identify challenges, and get a plan for addressing your most pressing issue. ($150 for one hour). This includes:
- Pre-consultation questionnaire to understand your specific question
- Personalised analysis and recommendations during our session
- Follow-up notes outlining key insights and action steps
Comprehensive Consulting Packages: Tailored to your specific needs. From essence definition and alignment audits to goal-setting and strategic roadmaps. (Hourly rate, project-based pricing available.)
Free Resource: Beginner Business Toolkit . Make a copy for your records.Ready to unlock your business's potential?

Build Your Online Presence with Impact: SEO-Optimised Websites

Need a simple, professional website or landing page? Whether you're building your brand or launching a side business, I'll create a site designed to attract your ideal audience and help you get found on search engines like Google.This means I'll structure your site and content (SEO - Search Engine Optimisation) to help the right people discover you online.Packages:Landing Page Launch: Perfect for promoting a product, service, or event. ($100)
Brand Builder: A multi-page site to showcase your expertise and personality. ($180)
Simple Blog Setup: Share your ideas and engage your audience. ($250)
Ongoing Support: Need help maintaining rankings and optimising your site? Available as an add-on service or monthly retainer. Send a message to learn more
Ready to get online? Click below for an inital consultation.


Before meeting Banke, my focus was to create a satisfying career; never had I considered a business. As I was exposed to her first business bootcamp, a seed was planted, and something began to shift inside me. Possibilities I had never considered began to unfold as I engaged in the teachings, activities and insights. I followed her recommended steps for defining my niche, branding, marketing and pricing. The class with the deepest impact was ‘balancing business with 9 – 5’: this challenged my fears and empowered me to proceed. Within the year of the first bootcamp, my private practice was born, and I commenced seeing clients on a part-time basis. Most private practitioners share their fears around having a full caseload, but I was filled up in two months, applying the principles from Banke. Joy - Assistant Professor & Psychotherapist

I have had the privilege of working with Banke Ajayi. Her coaching style is quite personalized. I was at a point in life and career where I wanted to reinvent myself and make necessary adjustments. Her sessions have since helped me identify opportunities, focus on the strength of my uniqueness, clarify my goals and most importantly develop a strategic plan to make major advancements. Her support has been invaluable and her genuine feedback has also been refreshing. After a few sessions, I have certainly become more aware of my personal brand and decisive in my approach to getting relevant stuff done. Femi - Agile Delivery Lead

Working with Banke has been such a mindset shift and exciting progress for me. I had expressed interest in joining the coaching because I knew I was transitioning, but there was a bit of uncertainty due to everything involved. I had to start a full-time MBA, which meant I needed to reduce my hours at work and also ensure I am working in the direction of my dream career.
One of my biggest challenges was really drilling down to what I wanted and then working backward to how everything I am currently doing would align. But as simple as that may sound, it was a bit difficult.
Through Banke's very structured coaching template and workbook, we were able to put everything going on in my head on paper and then create a plan on what to do.
Tolu - Technical Customer Success


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